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Make a difference by creating legendary productions and programs and providing exceptional service


To be a vibrant, thriving, fiscally sound company whose exceptional and innovative productions, programs and events, supported by a passionately dedicated opera community, achieves local and national recognition for excellence.


Nashville Opera Association values reflect excellence and integrity.

We believe in mutual respect:  We treat staff, volunteers, patrons and colleagues with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves.  

We maintain the highest performance:  We maintain the highest standards for professionalism and artistic quality in all our productions, programs, activities and personal behavior. 

We have a winning attitude:  We have a “can-do” attitude.  We are positive, upbeat, flexible, and focused.  We believe honesty, integrity, organization, balance, and quality of life are integral to success. 

We work as a team:  We value different viewpoints, execute the agreed-upon plans, communicate and share information. All NOA entities working together will achieve more! 

We embrace change:  We imitate, develop, adapt, and improve everything we do to continually find a better way, doing everything more effectively, thoroughly and efficiently. 

We take the initiative: We take intelligent risks and champion ideas.  We seek opportunities to make a difference.  

We are personally accountable:  We know and acknowledge our responsibilities and live up to our commitments.  We admit our mistakes and fix them and take responsibility for our work.   Leadership is established in our manner and practices not in our titles. 


Opera Insights: one hour before

curtain at every performance.


Nashville Opera always projects

translations above the stage.