Nashville Opera Guild’s 20th annual sparkling black-tie celebration, La Bella Notte, was held Saturday, January 25, to benefit Nashville Opera’s education and outreach programs.  La Bella Notte guests enjoyed a gourmet meal, specially selected wines and, between courses, a serenade of arias and musical favorites.  The Francis Robinson Award was presented as part of the evening’s highlights, and there was an exciting silent auction with one-of-a-kind trips and tempting items at every price point.  Thanks to everyone who made this year’s La Bella Notte so memorable!

Special thanks to our patrons.

La Sociedad de Seville


Carolyn and David Amiot

Barbara and Jack Bovender

Ann and Frank Bumstead

Phyllis Heard

Sue and Earl Swensson

Janet and Jon Weaver

La Sociedad de Figaro y Rosina

Lee Anne Abernathy

Dr. Joseph H. Allen

George Barrett

Barbara and Mike Barton

Laura Bearden

June and Boyd Bogle

Dr. Jan Brandes

G. Helen Brown

Anita and Larry Cash

Sandra and Dean Chase

Patrick M. Clark

Nancy Coleman

Charles Conrick III

Joyce Cook

Sandra and Richard Frank

Debora and John Glennon

Morel and Howard Harvey  

Debbie Sand Don Holmes

Sally Levine

Jocelynne McCall

Kathryn McDaniel

Ann Marie and Martin McNamara

Melissa G. Mosteller

Carla Nelson

Shelley Page

Chris and Claire Panagopoulos

Nikki Peal

Carol Penterman

Deborah and Keith Pitts

Tom and Mary Ellen Rodgers

Mary and David Rollins

Dancey and John Sanders

Molly and Richard Schneider

Anne Shepherd

Jeffrey and Mary Smith

Esther Swink

Betty and Ed Thackston

Dr. Jan van Eys and Judith Hodges

Joel and Barbara Warren

Patsy Weigel

Judy Williams

Marilyn Shields-Wiltsie and Dr. Theodore E. Wiltsie

Joyce and Stephen Wood

La Bella Notte


Morel and Howard Harvey

2014 Chairs

William O. Whetsell, Jr., M.D.

Honorary Chair

Eric Close of ABC’s Nashville

Celebrity Chair

Shelley Page

Francis Robinson

Award Recipient


Lee Anne Abernathy

Deborah Tallent Barcus

Barbara Barton

June and Boyd Bogle

Barbara Bovender

Ann Brothers

Helen Brown

Ann Calhoun

Anita Cash

Sue Claxton

Val Cole

Nancy Coleman

Joyce Cook

Marion Couch

Kathleen Evers

Sandra and Richard Frank

Felicia Gates

Debora Glennon

Amos Gott

Doris Hixon

Judith Hodges

Sharon and Jim Hogge

Carol Powell Horrar

Joyce Jeffords

Louise Kitchens

Gloria Kleve

Terry Lapidus

Sharon Lassiter

Beverly Leiser

Ann Marie McNamara

Jocelynne McCall

Patricia McPherson

Brenda Moore

Carla Nelson

Claire Panagopoulos

Nikki Peal

Anne Pennington

Carol Penterman

LeAnn Peters

Sylvia Roberts

Dancey and John Sanders

Molly Schneider

Kathy Schoeff

Anne Shepherd

Tom Shinness

Sue and Nick Sieveking

Bettie Slotchiver

Jeanne Dudley Smith

Esther Swink

Betty Thackston

Betty Walker

Barbara Warren

Patsy Weigel

Gretchen White

Judy Williams

Kimberly Wilson