Think of a FLEX Subscription as a reservation which will be redeemed for an actual show ticket during the current season. Best of all you can use FLEX Season Ticket Vouchers in an almost unlimited number of ways! Here's an example:
Let's say that you purchase SIX vouchers in your FLEX Season Tickets. You now have the option of redeeming two of them for the Thursday, October 10 performance of The Pearl Fishers, two more for Thursday, January 30 performance of The Barber of Seville, and finally use the last two for the Friday, April 11th performance of Otello... Maybe you want to splurge and take 5 friends along for closing night of Otello? Perfectly acceptable! Or you can even divide tickets between the two performances of The Pearl Fishers. Nashville Opera FLEX Season Tickets let you decide how to use them!

Purchasing a FLEX Subscription is as easy as selecting the price level for your seats and the number of FLEX Subscription Vouchers you will be using during the 2013-14 season. Your Season Tickets Package which will contain the quantity of FLEX Season Ticket Vouchers specified on the form below. Simply call Nashville Opera's Ticketing Services Department at
(615) 832-5242 at least 14 days prior to the performance of your choice to exchange your FLEX Subscription Vouchers for actual Show tickets. Nashville Opera guarantees the availability of the best seats within your package's price zone. If we cannot accommodate your request, Nashville Opera will automatically move you to the next highest price level for Free! Purchase only the quantity 2013-14 FLEX Season Ticket Vouchers you think you will utilizing this year because they expire on April 15, 2014.

Flex Level I - $77.50
Flex Level II - $67.50
Flex Level III - $55.50
Flex Level IV - $36.50
Flex Level V - $21.50